The Sauna and Steam Room at CoreGym

Whether you’ve been working out in our free-weights equipment and cardio room or you’ve just taken one of our classes, once you’ve finished putting your body through its paces, what’s your first thought? Is it about our sauna and steam room? If not, we think it should be! Maybe you’re thinking it’s time to cool down, or you’re thinking of grabbing a cold drink. How about heating things up a little, instead? By spending a little extra time at Core Gym to use our sauna and steam room after exercise, you might feel the many benefits that these facilities have to offer. 

Sauna and Steam Room – What’s The Difference?

At Core Gym, our sauna and steam room are both hot rooms that provide heat though the type of heat that each provides is different. A sauna uses dry heat, and the air has very little humidity. A steam room uses boiled water to create steam and provides an atmosphere where the air is at around 100% humidity.  Think of the sauna as a kind of dry air bath, and the steam room as a wet air bath. You only have to think back to the last time you had a good long soak in a bath for you to remember the relaxation benefits of heat on the body.  There are health benefits too – in a hot bath, your core temperature is raised to improve blood flow. successfully. By using our sauna and steam room, you can experience these same benefits. 

Some people are more used to the ‘wet heat’ of a steam room, as they’ve experienced it before. Others prefer the sauna as its dry heat is slightly hotter, so it encourages minimal movement and maximum relaxation. Whichever one suits you best is down to personal preference.

The Benefits of A Steam Room After Exercise For Muscle Recovery And More

When you’ve finished working out, chances are you’ll have really worked your muscles. If you’ve been doing exercises that are new to you, you’ll have been using muscles that aren’t as used to exercise. This may be particularly true after a PT session. After a session with one of our personal trainers, they may have helped to push you to your limits. However, these exercise situations could lead to muscle fatigue. Another advantage of a sauna and steam room is that you’ll feel heat on every part of your body, helping to relax and sooth your muscles, so they recover quicker for your next session. 

It’s widely known that exercise stimulates your body to create endorphins. These chemicals are the body’s natural painkillers and mood enhancers. Taking a steam room session after exercise is likely to produce even more endorphins, which will make you feel better than ever before!

We’ve looked at two rehabilitation benefits that you’ll feel immediately, though let’s look forward to the future too. Our sauna and steam room can also help you to prepare for your next workout. Evidence suggest that a session in a sauna after exercise can also increase your endurance performance, which is good to know if you’re using Core Gym to prepare for your next marathon, 10k, or triathlon.

Our Sauna And Steam Room Facilities

At Core Gym we’d like you to help you to reach your goals by exploring the full range of our facilities, including the sauna and steam room. If you’re an existing member, and you’d like more info, then ask at reception. If you’re not a Core Gym member yet, take a look at your options here and then pop along to sign up at reception.