A Gym Beginner: Welcome To The World Of Workouts

If you are a gym beginner, taking the first steps toward improving your physical fitness may appear daunting, especially if the gym environment is new to you. Though it’s worth remembering that everyone has had their first time at a gym! As a gym beginner, it’s best to take things slowly. This way your body can get used to you taking it through its paces. You’ll soon find that your body adjusts to your new healthy lifestyle and that you’ll be on a smooth upward fitness curve within weeks. 

You might be wondering what exercises you do with free weights, or how to use the equipment. Our staff at CoreGym are at hand to help you with this, and they’ll be happy to advise on how to get the best out of our state-of-the-art TechnoGym rowing machines, bikes and treadmills. 

Achieving Your Goals with A Personal Trainer 

Each gym beginner has their own specific fitness goals. It may be that you want to lose weight, gain muscle, increase flexibility, or improve your cardiovascular fitness. Team up with one of our personal trainers, and they will work with you on formulating a personal plan. They’ll be your perfect partner to help you to set and achieve your goals, and to keep you motivated on your journey.  

Best Classes For A Gym Beginner

Aside from a personal trainer, a gym beginner would benefit hugely from our classes. In a class environment, one of our trainers will guide you through a set of exercises and support you with every step. If you need to get used to exercising in a room with others, then maybe choose a spot at the back of the room? 

Our Yoga classes at CoreGym are the ideal starting point for a gym beginner, as they are a less strenuous form of class. Yoga is a low impact, holistic form of exercise, and has the benefits of improving your flexibility while toning muscle. The only other things you’ll need apart from your body are yoga blocks or belts, so equipment is kept to a minimum. Our Yoga classes are for mixed abilities, so you can feel free to rest whenever needed.  For absolute beginners, our Intro To Yoga would be the perfect first rung to climb on your fitness ladder and a great start to your Sunday morning.

Maybe Pilates is more your thing? Think of it as Yoga’s 20th Century sister. While sharing some elements of Yoga, there’s an emphasis on improving postural alignment, so it’s excellent if you have goals in this area, or if you have any physiotherapy needs. 

If cardiovascular fitness is your goal, then our Beginner Spin class is the place to be. With pumping music and a room full of fellow beginners, it’s a great way to kickstart your Saturday morning. 

We’d love to be part of your exercise journey. Take a look at our membership options here, and then pop down to see us at reception to sign up.  

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