Chronic Pain Management With Core Gym

Jenna is our experienced and skilled wellness therapist at Core Gym and she understands the trials of chronic pain management better than most. Thanks to her, we can offer a variety of traditional, holistic and alternative treatments, which will surely help your overall health. She specialises in acupressure but that certainly isn’t where her skills end.

Whether it’s for chronic pain management, regular aches and pains or just to help you relax and reduce your stress levels – Jenna can help you to explore an appropriate solution to your concerns. Read on to learn more!

Chronic Pain Management – Causes And Treatment

Chronic pain can be a debilitating condition to deal with and chronic pain management can be an absolute minefield. For anyone unfortunate enough to suffer from it, you’ll know that there isn’t one specific cause of this condition. Typically, it can originate from an injury, with prolonged pain issues often being associated with nerve damage, which can manifest as a more intense sensation than a typical ache or pain. However, chronic pain is also linked to various conditions such as endometriosis, fibromyalgia and inflammatory bowel disease, which are all much more common than many think.

The symptoms associated with some of these conditions often can’t be alleviated using conventional treatments, with many professionals often suggesting generic pain killers before sending patients on their way. As a result of this, sufferers often become frustrated and turn to alternative methods in their search for help. 

There’s one particular approach, which is becoming increasingly popular when it comes to chronic pain management – Healy treatment. It is a type of frequency therapy that involves using an electronic device that can be worn on your clothing or skin and is tailored to suit you and your body. 

What Is Healy Treatment?

When it comes to chronic pain management, you may have tried many things, leaving you feeling sceptical, but at Core Gym, we urge you to consider Healy treatment. It uses frequency therapy, sometimes referred to as bioresonance therapy, to improve your symptoms. However, this is not a new innovation. In fact, it dates back to the beginning of the 20th century. The idea behind it is that your body has its own unique electromagnetic frequency and any abnormalities in this frequency in certain areas of the body can present themselves as pain. This pain can be adequately managed by Healy devices, which aim to restore balance to your natural frequency. Users will see a marked improvement in both their physical and mental health over time when they opt for this treatment method.

That’s right, it’s not just your physical health that Healy treatment can improve. It can help those who suffer from both anxiety and depression, as well as those with sleep disorders. Sufferers of migraines and regular headaches may also find a solution to their chronic pain management woes! First, you’ll need to speak to Jenna to see how she can help.

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