Our Wellbeing Coach At Core Gym

Wellbeing Coach

Have you met our resident wellbeing coach, Rachel, at Core Gym? She has over 20 years of experience within the industry and she specalises in several natural health and wellness therapies. Thanks to her expertise, Rachel can help you to find a suitable treatment or therapy to improve your health and wellbeing.  Rachel’s wealth of … Read more

A Gym Beginner: Welcome To The World Of Workouts


If you are a gym beginner, taking the first steps toward improving your physical fitness may appear daunting, especially if the gym environment is new to you. Though it’s worth remembering that everyone has had their first time at a gym! As a gym beginner, it’s best to take things slowly. This way your body … Read more

Why Trying A Spin Class at Core Gym Could Rejuvenate Your Fitness

Spin Class

We’ve increased the volume of spin classes at our specially designed spin-studio. This popular activity now runs for 13 sessions a week, but there’s nothing unlucky about joining one of these spirited sessions… Give It A Spin At Core Gym, we’ve scheduled our spin classes to run every day throughout the week in order to … Read more

Core Classes: Taking Care Of Your Powerhouse

Core Classes

Your core, the major muscles giving your spine support, stability and the ability to move, is essential for the most mundane of daily activities. For athletes, it increases the efficiency of movement; for weightlifters, it supports and protects your lower back. Our timetable of weekly classes caters to your every fitness need, but we pay … Read more

The Best Workout Plans For Beginners

Workout Plans For Beginners

The first time you go to the gym can be daunting. Those that have never been are introduced to a lot of new equipment that they might have never used or even seen before. If fitness is completely new to you, how do you know whether you’re working out properly? At Core Gym, we want … Read more

Great Gym Classes in Leamington Spa

Gym Classes In Leamington Spa

Ask any Core Gym member and they’ll tell you that our timetable boasts some of the best gym classes Leamington Spa has to offer! If you’re not a member yet, you’ll want to be once you realise what you’re missing out on. Not only is Core Gym a community, but our recently refurbished state-of-the-art facilities accommodate members of any … Read more