Core Classes: Taking Care Of Your Powerhouse

Your core, the major muscles giving your spine support, stability and the ability to move, is essential for the most mundane of daily activities. For athletes, it increases the efficiency of movement; for weightlifters, it supports and protects your lower back. Our timetable of weekly classes caters to your every fitness need, but we pay attention to your powerhouse in several fitness classes as well as our dedicated core classes. 

Why You Should Consider Core Classes

Working on your core is not only about cultivating impressively defined abs. Your core includes your back, hips, pelvis, diaphragm, obliques and glutes as well your abdominal muscles. Training your core decreases the chance of back and hip pain as well as pelvic floor dysfunction. It improves balance, stability, flexibility and power, all of which enhance sporting performance and makes everyday tasks such as tying shoes easier and lower risk. It even corrects postural imbalances, which can result in some surprising problems, from headaches to heartburn. Core classes are not just for fitness enthusiasts who can’t wait to plug in their headphones and jump into some high-intensity workouts; they are for everyone who wants to invest in their short-term and long-term health.

Maintaining Your Core With Yoga And Pilates

Core classes don’t have to be hardcore! While our Insanity workouts do include abdominal exercise, such intensity is not for everyone. 

Did you know that yoga and Pilates are wonderful ways of strengthening your core? Pilates is a form of low-impact exercise that concentrates on your core but exercises your whole body. It focuses on controlled movements, isolating, strengthening and relaxing different muscles at will, combined with steady, intentional breathing. Similarly, yoga holds the body in specific poses for long periods of time to activate core muscles. Neither of these practices requires specialist equipment and the meditational aspects are associated with mindfulness, relaxation and stress relief. Core Gym offers two Pilates and three yoga sessions per week so you can choose a day and time to suit your schedule. 

High-Intensity Core Classes

If you prefer something a little more high-intensity, there is our dedicated Core Blast class with trainer Gavin on Wednesdays, or push yourself to the limit with our Insanity workouts on Saturday mornings. Core Gym has such a range of weekly sessions that almost all of them will work your core in some respect even if they’re not specifically core classes. If you want to lead your own core classes at home, push-ups, sit-ups, planks and leg raises are all common methods of maintaining your core. 

Get Started

If we’ve piqued your interest, then check out our full timetable of classes, all of which come free with one of our memberships. Check out our website to explore what we have to offer or contact us here