Top Five Benefits Of Swimming

As the sun flexes its muscles this summer, there’s nothing more relaxing than a dip into cool waters. 

But far from being a cop-out exercise compared to a strenuous hour at the gym, there are a shoal of tangible advantages to your health too.

So pack your goggles and your towel and head poolside as we look at some of the benefits of swimming that you may not have thought of…

Swimming Against The Tide

Whether swimming in hot or cold environments, time spent in water has long been attributed to boosting your mental health.

Research shows that a swim can increase the circulation of blood to the brain, releasing endorphins. These act as the body’s natural painkillers, enhancing positive emotions. This also helps to protect your brain from toxins, which in turn promotes your mood.

Contact with the water is also a soothing mechanism, which can mitigate the rough tide of modern day anxiety and reduce stress.

Drop The Pressure

There is a wealth of evidence to prove that swimming helps to reduce blood pressure. By loosening stiff blood vessels which cause hypertension, your heart is able to pump blood around the body more freely. 

Boost Your Circulation

Do you experience any tingly feelings or numbness? Even if you don’t, swimming can improve and prevent poor circulation, helping your body to feel revived and efficient. 

Footloose And Fancy-Free

A swim can provide a quality workout equivalent to a strenuous running session, but without the impact on your bones. 

As well as being a great cardiovascular workout to get your heart firing on all cylinders, your joints can rest easy in the oasis of the water rather than pounding on the treadmill. In fact, the properties of water enable people with arthritis to gently improve their resistance and range of muscle motion. If you want to maintain flexible joints, then swimming is a choice form of training.

Sleep Easy

Who needs a Horlicks when you can go for a swim instead? One study found a direct correlation between swimming and quality of sleep in adults who suffered from insomnia. Calming and releasing muscle tension as well as resetting your mind, an evening dip in the pool can set you up for a tranquil night under the duvet.

Take Advantage Of The Many Benefits Of Swimming

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