Why Choose A Gym In Leamington Spa With A Pool?

At Core Gym, we aim to be more than just a gym. We have worked hard to build a strong community where our members can just BE and enjoy our state-of-the-art facilities

Speaking of which, we underwent an extensive refurbishment in 2020 and are now proud to boast an in-house cafe, physio and beautician. Did you know as well that Core Gym is actually one of the only gyms in Leamington Spa town centre with a pool? The option of adding swimming to your workout routine comes with so many great benefits!

Just Keep Swimming

You might already know this, but swimming is a fantastic exercise and it’s always a good idea to end a workout with some sets in the pool. You can build and learn muscle memory to improve your techniques in the water. Some people even benefit from a second wind, overcoming workout fatigue and bringing their body temperature back down to where it needs to be. 

Hitting the pool after a hot and sweaty gym session is super-refreshing, and after about 5 minutes you will start to feel a hell of a lot cooler. You might be too tired to get your laps in to begin with, but simply treading water for 10 minutes at the start allows you to transition nicely into your post-workout aquatic wind down.

As part of your time in the pool, think about incorporating some dynamic stretches to loosen up your joints as well as the muscles and tendons in your lower body. It’s one of the best ways to recover following gruelling leg days or challenging high-repetition personal training. You’ve surely heard that the wind down is the most important part of your workout, and there’s certainly some truth in that. Stretching improves your heart function, reduces lactic acid and limits strain on your body.

Join Core Gym

Above, we’ve covered just a few reasons why you should choose a gym in Leamington Spa with a pool, but why Core Gym? Coupled with our, steam room and sauna facilities, a dip in our 12m x 8m pool is simply a great way to relax and unwind! We mentioned our recent refurbishment, which came with a gym-wide upgrade that introduced the latest Technogym equipment into the building. Technogym are world leaders in workout equipment and accessories, offering exceptional and varied functionality for a fitness experience like no other.

Our friendly, motivated team is delighted to be able to offer such exclusive services and facilities, including personal training and an abundance of weekly classes to get your blood pumping. All of this, and more, from as little as £39.99 per month! Find out more about Core Gym memberships here